Chris Davidson, Marketing Professional in Dallas, Texas.
Hi, I'm Chris Davidson.

A Little About Me

I’m the Director of Growth & Engagement at Communitas Technologies.

After 15 years in Church Communication roles at 3 churches, and a few additional years in marketing and digital agency roles, I’m convinced that people are busier than ever and it’s a real challenge to get and keep their attention. Just ask God.

…unless they really care about what you offer them. Even then it’s a challenge to keep them engaged. Providing them value keeps them coming back to engage at deeper levels and wanting to invite others to join them.

Value in:

  • Relationships
  • Content
  • Community
  • Care
  • Transformation

I know because I’m a husband, a father to two girls, a human, and I think about this type of stuff a lot at my job with Communitas Technologies, builders of the Communitas Platform for churches and faith-based organizations.

Occasionally I share thoughts around things like this (on Twitter or LinkedIn) in hopes that they offer value to just one person who can then help another person improve their life and grow in their faith. Is that person you?

Chris Davidson, Director of Growth and Engagement at Communitas Technologies.

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