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Are you looking for a customer-centric marketing, product, client success, and communications professional to help move people beyond status quo and toward success… while also helping your organization succeed, too?

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hi, i’m chris davidson.

i’m located in dallas, texas.


chris davidson

chris davidson

marketing professional

Throughout his career, Chris has worked at the intersection of technology, marketing, and content to generate successful results.
His work has earned him experience in several industries, including software, business, education, startups, agencies, nonprofits, churches, and more.
And his clients appreciate his diverse background and unique ability to see an idea’s potential through implementation and on toward success.
Having worked on staff teams, within agencies, and as a consultant, Chris adapts well to different types of clients and project teams.
my family

my family

they're great! trust me.

These girls keep me on my toes and I love them like crazy!

It’s rare that we get a good family photo together. But when we do, they definitely steal the show.

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Current Status: Employed

I’m currently working as the Communications & Creative Director for World Impact.

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I’m also available to help with projects that you might need help with. Visit my company page to learn more.

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i’ve helped folks in many industries.


churches & ministries


small businesses

software & product


I have been privileged to work with Chris in a variety of ways. We worked together to launch the online ministry of one of the largest United Methodist Churches in the world. Years later when I was at a different church he was working at a startup database/media company and we were able to once again work in tandem.

Chris is a detailed thinker who values doing what is right above all else. He is extremely knowledgeable, a perpetual learner, and continually goes above and beyond to improve himself and those around him. I am always grateful for any opportunity that allows me to work with Chris.

– Phil Dieke, Associate Pastor – Discipleship and Digital Ministry

that’s what they said…

…and they’re pretty great!

“it’s been such a joy to work with Chris!”

He’s what I consider a rare breed – very tech-savvy, but also relationship-oriented. He can help fix what’s wrong with your website or marketing, and he’ll ask what’s important to you – and cares about the answer.

Rev. Father Cathie Caimano, Free Range Priest

“it was certainly a pleasure to have been able to work with Chris.

Chris is an extremely thoughtful and conscientious person that takes great pride in his work. He takes his work very seriously and does the proper due diligence for a better level of quality for anything he does whether it’s personal or professional.

Russel Dubree, Performance Faction

“i can wholeheartedly recommend Chris’ professionalism and effectiveness.”

He is an excellent communicator and inspires confidence and trust. I have interfaced with Chris nearly weekly for almost two years. He was always a joy to work with. If you need someone of character who is an excellent communicator, Chris is a great option!

Tod K. Vogt, Mission Alive

“a true asset and team player.

The intangibles that Chris brings to the organization are the bonus reasons he is a great performer and true professional. Passion- Ethics- Knowledge- Tenacious- Smart and overall great person are just a few words of many that make him a pleasure to work with.

Ray Maher, PulteGroup

“amazing results in any project he touches”

Chris has a passion for web design, church communications, and the gospel that come together to create amazing results in any project he touches.

Zachary House, Highland Park Presbyterian Church

“i highly recommend Chris as a marketing, customer service, and communications specialist.”

Chris took over my account and immediately impressed me with his professionalism, customer service, and attention to detail. He brought a lot of creativity to the relationship and helped me move forward.

Jeremy Hoover, Church Planter

“whoever gets Chris as a new employee gets a real prize.”

My experience with Chris was altogether positive. From being very responsive and prompt to my inquiries, to his knowledge and expertise of the product, I was pleased with my experience with Chris.

Bruce Logue, Church Planter

“a forward-thinking and tech-savvy professional.

Chris is a team player who is also a life learner staying ahead of the curve in order to maximize technology for organizational needs.

April Canik, Church Communications Director

I’ve known Chris for the past six years. One of the first things you’ll notice about Chris is that he approaches every situation with integrity. It’s his North Star. And as you spend time with him, you’ll recognize his depth of knowledge in technology and how to use it to benefit his clients.

But what really separates Chris from others is his ability to look at the big picture. Chris is always looking two steps ahead and considering possible implications to present decisions. It’s a cliché, but Chris is plays chess when others are playing checkers.

He is a team player and would be a great addition to any company.

– Bob Nichol, Board Advisor & CEO Emeritus

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